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Whole Leaf Aloe Vera

the Dream Valley Way

Recently featured on national TV, Dream Valley products contain only the best whole leaf aloe vera protectively grown in  chemical free, temperature controlled greenhouses.

Grown under optimal conditions, the dream valley aloe is the purest form of aloe vera available.  With over 9 acres of greenhouses, growers cultivate and produce premium aloe vera for use in these remarkable products.  The temperature in the greenhouses is maintained between 70 and 80 degrees, the perfect environment for the healthiest aloe plants. 

The plants are fed a multi-mineral mix that is stored in their sap, eliminating any need for insecides or herbicides.  Grown in a highly protected environment, the aloe vera plants never become stressed, or too cold, or too hot in any way.  All of our aloe plants receives a nice cool shower to rinse its cares away.  Really our plants enjoy a luxurious life in a lily paradise.  As a result, they stay relaxed and remain calm; allowing them to maintain more nutrients.  Dream Valley loves to spoil its aloe plants. 

The benefits of aloe vera are well known and well documented in history as well as scientific and clincial studies in recent times.The leaf of the aloe vera plant contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients that help your immune system function optimally. For this reason 100% aloe vera juice and aloe vera drinks are remarkable dietary supplements. in this medicinal plant allow your immune system to function at itís best. With all these benefits, and much more, loe Vera is second to none as a nutritional drink

But not all aloe vera is the same, and many products capitalizing on the aloe vera name may contain very little acutal aloe vera if any at all. For instance, many affordable aloe vera juices are little more than blonde water. It's not affordable aloe, just expensive water. Some topical lotions and creams may carry the aloe vera name, but actually contain very little aloe vera.

When purchasing aloe vera products, it is important to know the source. Dream Valley is a source you can trust.

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